About Us

 About Keala's Hawaiian Coffee 
Our goal at Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee is to produce the very best Hawaiian coffee possible. Our founder, born and raised in Hawaii, wanted to create a coffee company that truly reflects the quality and pride in craftsmanship that Hawaiian coffee farmers have in their trade. We choose only the best quality Hawaiian coffees and expertly blend them with only the best coffees from around the world to make a coffee better than the sum of its parts. In doing so, Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee is truly a product as exceptional and multi-cultured as the people of Hawaii.

Our years of experience in blending, roasting, and preparing coffee through working in the Seattle coffee industry give us an edge over our competition. This pride in craftsmanship gives us a unique ability to offer our Hawaiian coffees as pure high-grade coffee.  As the only coffee grown in the United States, Hawaii-grown coffee remains a highly marketed and sought-after product to this day. 

Unfortunately the bulk of Hawaiian coffee roasters today use this highly marketable product to their advantage by offering flavored "Hawaiian" blends such as Vanilla Macadamia Nut or Coconut. Furthermore, these blends often use as little Hawaiian coffee as possible while blending them with cheap blender coffees. 

Our goal is to reflect the pride and quality that goes into producing these local products. Keala’s coffees use a minimum of 20% Hawaiian coffee in every blend. We blend our Hawaiian coffees with excellent coffees, cupped from around the world and roasted in small batches to ensure our commitment to quality. 

Our roast profiles are chosen to highlight the unique flavor profile of each of our coffee offerings.

Keala’s founder Sean Lee, raised on Oahu, grew up enjoying Hawaiian coffee.

“I remember as a kid, I would wake up to the smell of fresh coffee my grandfather would brew early in the morning. He would tell me the coffee was good because it was from Hawaii. I could tell he was proud to drink a coffee that was grown in Hawaii.”

“When choosing and roasting my coffees I like to keep in mind the hard work and pride that went in to growing these beans. My job as a roaster is to ensure that the quality of these beans shines through to the customer as an excellent cup of coffee!”