Keala’s Coffee From The Finest Hawaiian Coffee Beans February 10 2012, 0 Comments

What would you do if you wanted to shop the finest Hawaiian coffee beans? You have the following three choices:

  1. Visiting the Coffee Bean Market provided it exists in your city or county.
  2. Visiting the local Supermarket. But do you know any such Supermarket where you can buy the finest Hawaiian Coffee Beans?
  3. Coming online and contact the people who truly understand the quality and pride in craftsmanship that Hawaiian coffee farmers have in their trade.

Option three is the obvious choice if you can’t compromise on quality. Finding the finest Hawaiian coffee beans is not so difficult; all you have to do is do a little online searching and read carefully about the merchants who claim to be the real Hawaiian Coffee Wholesaler. Most of them come out to be the distributor or online affiliates with little or no knowledge on Kona, Molaka’i and Maui coffee beans. Being one of the few online retailer in Seattle roasting their own Hawaiian coffee, Keala’s Hawaiian Coffees is the obvious choice for finding the finest Hawaiian coffee beans.

Sean Lee, The founder of Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee, was born and raised in Hawaii. He spent several years of his life visiting the mountain of Mauna Loa and the coffee gardens of Kona region, the source of the world’s finest and costliest coffee beans. The volcanic soil, oceanic wind, early morning dew, and Hawaiian sunshine make it to be the ideal place for Hawaiian coffee beans.

Our several years of experience in blending, roasting, and preparing coffee through working in the Hawaii as well as Seattle coffee industry give us a decisive edge over the competition. Our pride in craftsmanship is apparent, giving us a unique ability to offer our Hawaiian coffee as pure and high-grade coffee.